sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Midnight in Paris: a funny movie ANTI-CRISIS

In addition of the play, even too simple especially if you do not like the "European Allen"  of the  recent past, the film gave me a profound message the past is somehow still alive in us, in the present. The past is in fact a continuous revision of each of us, as neuroscience confirmed too. The protagonist will find love when it will be fed by a common past no longer just notional or nostalgic.
Everyone must lives in his time with the same intensity as Hemingway or all our myths did, and  they are not just dead artists, an useful boring display of erudition and culture, but something related to our targets of today. So the film became deep and full of hope, especially for this time of "Crisis" .
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lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

venerdì 30 dicembre 2011

WallStreetJournal fiction resconstruction just to attack EU and Italy

In reply to WSJ article (Link)  "Deepening crisis over Euro pits leader against leader"  
A Wall Street Journal reconstruction reveals how Germany—criticized for not dealing forcefully with the European debt crisis in its early phase—responded to the dangers in Italy this autumn by imposing its power on a divided euro zone.
It seems WSJ fictions. Mr Napolitano brings too much respect for Italian people and is a deep expert of what Italian Democratic Constituition allows him as President of Repubblic  to say that he is just an ottuagenary serving Merkel wills. Merkel is not so superficial to ask this kind of things to Napolitano. Napolitano acted in respect of Italian constiutution possibilities.
Berlusconi is too much hungry of power to leave it just because Germany could ask.
This is a reconstruction without proofs just to attack EU. Is just a way to talk against European Union wich fears USA and UK
We all know that Berlusconi was not able to help Italian economy as Mr Monti  is.
Napolitano can try to create a new government if  there is no more majority in parliament to find another one before decide new elections (before the natural exipiry date of a government , every 5 years there are always new elections) If the parties in parliament decide to support a new majority (as now with Mr Monti supported by the Berlusconi PDL Party (TOO!!) and the opposition PD party) is possible to change an Italian Prime minister. It was the right step for Italy and Europe, the true one formed only by the Countries who accepted Euro as currency.  

domenica 25 dicembre 2011


You can do a lot of things in zero kilometers. For example catch the time, managing its fluidity to our targets. Stop complains , stop doing victims waiting from others solutions to our problems: Becoming adults, deep but light.Loving people whom we choose to love. Reading Dickens or who you want as long as he has a soul and not only technics, a dream and not only cynicism. About the Maya profecy knowing that on dec 21st 2012 nothing will end, but something will start in case. If so , it's better to start it now deep inside in our hearts. Merry Christmas.

(from Sole24ore newspapers) 120,000 PEOPLE IN RED SQUARE, MOSCOW...« We'll come back again , untill they will not give us thigs we want. Aleksej Navalnyj the BLOGGER jailed to report electoral scandals of Putin regime gives voice to the protest of thousands of Russians, he is becoming one of the most popular landmarks.On Christmas eve the fight for legal elections in Russia was transfer to Sakharov Prospekt, North Kremlin, where police reported about 29000 people stepped over electronics ceck points bordering the area given to protesters.

venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Draghi sends a message to Merkel: ECB role is to be powered

Great demand at the ECB auction for interbank lending at 1% rate from banks of the Euro areain order to increase their liquidity. But not to buy Bonds of weak countries, as Mr Draghi hoped. Banks have first to recapitalize themselves, as required by EBA to have strongerassets. Result: banks do not buy Bond and spreads remain high , the risk is to not providecredit to households and companies.
Investors will not trust the Eurozone untill ECB will not become the official lender of last resort "by putting his face" officially  and only after this round of loans at low interest rateswill be welcomed by the markets.
The last day auction, the "bazooka" of  Mr.Draghi is a brilliant idea but becomes a "toy gun" if all the Euro Countries first of all Germany will not decide this new clear role of the ECB. Thisreform is necessarily to be done togheter with the others to do not frustrate all the dutiful heavy efforts  "done by the single Countries as Greece, Spain and Italy, in terms of taxes and growth, the requests from EBA to the banks, the strict State budget controls demanded byBerlin as a transfer of sovereignty that will bind togheter all the Euro countries, the real Europe at this time ,and not the formal but empty EU with the UK backhanded position of PM Mr.Cameron. After this is possible to attack the deregulated financial system,with  a “Tobin tax” or similar by taxing pure financial transactions and overcome imbalances of an “English” capitalism vision.
In  my opinion Draghi expected a not enthusiastics response from the markets about ECB auction and in this way he is telling to Merkel he can try everithing but untill she will not accept a reform of ECB, no further effort will work and the moves to exit from  the crisisshould be made coordinated and contextual one another: constraints of State Euro budgets, fiscal harmonization, growth  and power to print money. Without even one of these moves, the others remain idle.


venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

UK obstructs reform of EU treaty to defend EURO now: Is the Pound the original sin ?

After all hard difficulty to find new reform for PIIGS country with new efforts especially for Greek people and a new Italian government to change the situation in Italy, an open availability from Germany to give new power to ECB and other European institution, favoring it instead of  German interest and knowing that the honest German people should guarantee for other Countries and pay for their economic laxity in exchange new EU fiscal strict control on Nation budget with automatic sanctions and a true reform to European Union, Europe find this night the inexusable UK position to obstruct the project to save Eurozone.
As we all know Uk uses a competitive currency against Euro even if Uk is an important EU Nation, and a competitive deregulated Market even if it is one of the first reasons of EU crisis.
Every Coutry is call to give something for the common good : Europe and every Country from Greece forced by his political dishonesty to Italy forced by his political laxity to Germany and France less forced but conviced by the better economic advantages of a United Europe instead of an end of it, in exchange of some sacrifice to do now from every one to save the other.
UK PM Cameron is in a backhanded position: from a side Uk is in European Union,and Europe can not exist without England, from the other he doesn' want to defend it from speculative attacks , he doesn' t want to regulate the wrong rules that block the possibility to tame the markets. He doesn't want a true European harmony with the real possibilty to protect all the EU Nations giving at the same time EU the strenght to compete in the global economy and the insurance that every EU member do his homework to protect a common good .
Britain have to decide a clear position: what Uk want from itself ? If Uk wants to stay in Europe it must defend it with some sacrifice of his economy as 
Germany and France did and yeld some national power for a big new confederated Europe to defend this common roots and thake advantage from it. Otherwise it can stay out, as it is doing now but let's not play against, please. The original sin was to mantain its own currency, and now Uk is not ready to be a modern Eu nation capable to create the European dream, mantain it with all the economic advantages welfare and rights gained by all Eurozone, and remain at the same time a great unique Nation as it is. I know, Who is capable? But Please don't ask anything else as French President Mr Sakozy clearly explain in his conference at the end of this night (WATCH VIDEO) with not a 27 new EU treaty but just a 23 Sovranational treaty ,composed of 17 Eurozone counrtries plus 6 of 10 volunteer countries not in EUzone .This is a great number, hopefully enough to save EU, in opposition of the 4 missing countries leaded by Uk and Ungary that obstruct the creation of a new strongest Eu Treaty.   

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mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

Euro Crisis: transfer of sovereignty or default?

The Euro Union was born without the necessary economic, legislative and executive power given by the countries that support it. 

The Parliament and European institutions are empty. Speculative attacks are directed against a currency that is not representative of a uniform situation. It is not an expression of a Confederation, like the U.S. or Switzerland. There is no certainty that the weaker Countries, with high debt and poor growth, have the financial Community means to support them adequately. In the past years, every Country was not able to stay within the Stability Pacts, there was laxity and failure to punish States who most have wasted resources. The ECB can not act as lender of last resort, that means it can not possibly print money or devalue it, to lighten the positions of debtor Countries, as could instead do the FED. There is also no possibility to control and act directly on the PIIGS budeget under attack. Italy has been the guinea-pig and have raised controversy for the ECB letter to our former government, shouting at meddling of EU into national affairs. Then the government lost its majority and had to resign and everyone understood that if Italy fails, there would be problems for others, including Germany, and the implosion of the Euro. If there is not a joint regulation how could exist a single currency? Everyone will have to sacrifice something to save the Union. The adoption of Eurobonds in partial or total replacement of the sigle nations bonds (to an unfavorable interest rate for Germany but favorable for all other coutries)would be the price that Germans would have to pay to avoid Eurozone failure (and their well!: with a return to mark at the highest rate there would be a vertical fall of German exports to the Eurozone, one of the most important voice of the growth of these years).Chancellor Mrs.Merkel will be able to convince her voters to drink this bitter cup perhaps only at one condition: if at the same time Europe will adopt common laws in theme of fiscal harmony and strictness for the pubblic budgets among the Euro Countries, giving to European Uninon the effective power of supranational control with possible penalties on budgets of the States through a series of constraints that countries defaulting could not escape. It is clear that Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland etc.. are not already in a strong position: they can only choose between a default or an increasing transfer of sovereignty. This last is the only chance left to keep Europe going collectively and democratically regulated. This should not be seen as a punitive intent in advance but as a community effort in the interest of all.It is much better then a suspension from Euro that someone fears: it irreparably harm anyone who should be subjected to. In this case Italian citizens will come out very impoverished, even and especially in their private wealth, one of the economic italian strengths universally recognized. It is hoped that new Italian PM Mr.Monti,in mission Brussels and Strasbourg this week, could give a valuable contribution to take the less painful path for everyone. The sad thing is that Italian political parties do not openly support the "dirty job" that Monti government should do in his next policy moves, just because of their past inability and reluctance in doing surgically cuts to the many privileges present at all levels into Public Administration and in fighting tax evasion and undeclared work. This will be the only way to not frustrate any new request of taxes to Italian people.

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