venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

ITALIAN GOV. LETTER TO EU: an ambitious plan in a hurry.

No doubt about it: the Prime Minister did something, forced by EU: a plan for growth and foundraising to reduce the public debt and ambitious pursuit of things done not before, nor in this previous years or by previous governments (even the ex Berlusconi's governments) of the past twenty years.


Berlusconi decided all by himself, in his style, "or with me or against me", with him loyalists and without the contribution of the economy minister Tremonti and part of the government. Now he shamelessly asks and expects the opposition and the social syndicates and unions must play their part without criticize:How could ask it without having first involved them in writing the letter. Accusations of defeatism against the opposition parties does not make sense at this point.

For example: it could be good facilitate the dismissals of permanent job positions with economic crisis motivations, but why he didn't do also a detailed mention about an implement to support non permanent workers, in order to fill the gap of their discontinuity at work and tax contributions, as also EU asked us at the same time?

It would be good mention actions against tax evasion to implement. Involve opposition parties after the letter and not before writing it, makes hard to believe to the described intents of supporting education and research, however, invoked after cuts for schools and with an university reform not shared.

 Is it okay to want improve efficiency in public administration, but it is not credible because these actions are not associated with a clear intent to cut at the same time the privileges of politicians: he can not invoke a change in the pensions for all and allow that just with a single term of a legislature is possible to receive a pension for life. Giving the example is realy important in politics.

Reforming Italian state to a federal constitutional architecture with the end of perfect bicameralism and a streamlining the process of the laws presented by the government could be done but only by a large majority of the parliament and certainly not just by this prime minister who often uses to be in conflict against the other constitutional powers, first of all justice.

The noble intentions to recovery the economic italian south area is near to utopia with the deadlines given. The problem of the low GDP of southern Italy is so gangrenous over the centuries and linked to criminal oreganizations and to the spread of undeclared workers. It can only be solved by a large majority and with a serious 360 degree debate and actions with the opposition parties.

At the end mr.Berlusconi was again unable to find and write shared solutions so in this way he increases the risk remains that this letter will remain plenty of good unachievable intents.

Comment sent to the Sole24ore newspapaer on 27/10/2011(it)

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